Eagle East Jet Service: 100LL – $5.75, JET A – $3.90
Falcon Air, Inc.: 100LL – $5.95, JET A – $3.90
Lawrence Airmotive: 100LL – $4.25, JET A – $3.90
Lawrence Jet Center: JET A – $3.90




Eagle East Jet Service: 100LL – $5.75, JET A – $3.90
Falcon Air, Inc.: 100LL – $5.95, JET A – $3.90
Lawrence Airmotive: 100LL – $4.25, JET A – $3.90
Lawrence Jet Center: JET A – $3.90

General Information


The Lawrence Municipal Airport (LWM), located at 492 Sutton Street, North Andover, MA 01845, is an important transportation resource, situated in the heart of Massachusetts’ Merrimack Valley.  Established in 1934, it is located minutes from both the Ward Hill and Lawrence Industrial Parks, providing air transport services to the region’s employers for over 70 years.  Major companies in the tele-communications and defense industries consider LWM an integral part of their business operations.


The airfield can accommodate a full range of aircraft, from single and multi-engine planes to smaller jets and helicopters.  The Airport currently has over 200 based aircraft.  The main runway, 5/23, is 5001 feet long and 100 feet wide, with an instrument landing system (ILS).  The second runway, 14/32, is 3655 feet long and 100 feet wide.  There are five connecting taxiways, and all runways and taxiways are paved and lighted.  The control tower operates between the hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with pilot controlled lighting available at all hours.  A large terminal parking ramp provides ample overnight parking.  Both Jet-A and Avgas (100LL) fuels are available 24 hours per day on request.


Driving mileage from LWM:  Lowell – 15; Boston – 30; Worcester – 50; Nashua, NH – 26; Portsmouth, NH – 40; Portland, ME – 80.  


Aviation Information 



Lat/Long: 42-43-01.954N / 071-07-24.348W(42.7172094 / -71.1234300) (estimated)

Elevation: 148 ft. / 45.1 m (surveyed) 

Variation: 16W (1985) 

From city: 2 miles E of LAWRENCE, MA  


Airport Operations

Facility Identifier: KLWM 

Facility use: Open to the public 

Sectional chart: NEW YORK 

Control tower: yes 



NOTAMs facility: LWM (NOTAM-D service available) 

Attendance: 0700-2200 

Wind indicator: yes 

Segmented circle: no 

Lights: DUSK-DAWNACTVT HIRL RY 05/23; MIRL RY 14/32; REIL RYS 05 23 &32; PAPI RYS 05 32 – CTAF. 

Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport) 

Fees: Landing, overnight parking 

Airline operations: not certified under FAR Part 139 

Int’l operations: customs landing rights airport 

Airport Communications

CTAF: 119.25 

UNICOM: 122.8 

ATIS: 126.75 [0700-2200] 

WX ASOS: 126.75 (978-687-8017) [2200-0700] 

LAWRENCE GROUND [0700-2200]: 124.3

LAWRENCE TOWER [0700-2200]: 119.25 





Radio aids to navigate to the Airport

VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var

LWMr237/1.9 LAWRENCE VOR/DME 112.50 15W

MHTr145/14.1 MANCHESTER VOR/DME 114.40 15W

BOSr001/22.4 BOSTON VORTAC 112.70 16W

PSMr226/25.5 PEASE VORTAC 116.50 16W

CONr162/36.1 CONCORD VORTAC 112.90 15W

NDB name Hdg/Dist (to KLWM) Freq Var ID 

HAGET 052/5.5 402 16W LW

TOPSFIELD 325/9.4 269 16W TOF

DERRY 143/15.1 338 16W DRY

SHAKER HILL 025/15.9 251 16W SKR 

FITCHBURG 085/29.7 365 15W FIT

ROLLINS 219/32.8 260 16W ESG

 Noise Abatement Procedures Fixed Wing Aircraft

1. Closed pattern traffic shall initiate turn-out at an altitude of 700 feet AGL;

2. On climb out, all traffic shall undertake reasonable efforts to maintain manufacturer’s recommended best-rate-of-climb whenever possible;

3. There shall be no transient aircraft touch-and-go operations on Saturdays and Sundays;

4. Air Traffic Control shall limit the number of aircraft engaged in repetitive closed traffic pattern operations to no more than five aircraft at a time;

5. Touch-and-go operations are prohibited after 9:00 pm and before 8:00 am.

6. No Touch-and-go operations before 9:00 AM and after 1:00 PM on Sundays between July 1 and August 31.

Noise Abatement Procedures Rotary Wing Aircraft

In addition to procedures for Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotary Wing Aircraft departing from LWM may be permitted by Air Traffic Control to deviate from fixed-wing aircraft departure noise abatement procedures, consistent with operational safety. Such departures, when permitted by ATC, shall avoid noise sensitive areas to the greatest extent possible.

Airport Fees

Lawrence Municipal Airport rents paved Tie-Down spaces at following monthly rates:

Single Engine Aircraft $75.00

Twin Engine Aircraft $100.00

Fees: Overnight and Landing Fee Schedule

Hanger Rental Opportunities

The airport is home to various airport associations. For more information please contact the airport management.

Economic Impact 


Over 80 local and national firms use LWM for business travel.  The Airport’s many corporate customers contribute a significant amount of economic activity in the Greater Lawrence area.  Companies, such as Aetna, Corning, New Balance and Raytheon are using the Airport to make their investments in the regional economy.  


As one out of 39 public-use airports in Massachusetts, Lawrence Municipal Airport is a reliever airport to Boston Logan International Airport.  Its economic impact ranges widely direct and indirect as a Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study Update (2014) states.  

Business Opportunities 


LWM is located near the Lawrence and Ward Hill Industrial Parks.  The Airport offers local businesses a quick, convenient and cost effective means of transporting their products, personnel and clients throughout the global marketplace.  For available opportunities please contact the Airport Manager.

The Environment 


With the Merrimack River to its North and a drinking water supply to its South, the Airport has implemented safety measures to protect against damage to these critical natural resources.  Airport officials have implemented a full range of environmental protections.  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Programs, HAZMAT safety procedures, and fuel tank upgrades will continue to ensure that the environment surrounding the Airport is protected.


Airport Management appreciates the importance of being a good neighbor.  We are working hard preserve the quality of life for area residents by utilizing noise reduction technology and practices.  Landscape buffers are used to screen Airport operations, providing a pleasing and natural visual barrier.  While residents are encouraged to visit the Airport, especially for special events such as air shows, the Airport’s goal is to respect the quiet enjoyment of its neighbors.  Neighbors are encouraged to report problems to the Airport Manager so we can respond diligently and minimize disruptions to the resident’s quality of life.  To assist the residents around the Lawrence Municipal Airport, below is an image that shows the overlay of the Airport area with FAA’s recommended standard aircraft traffic patterns: 

Airport Management


The Lawrence Municipal Airport is headed by a nine member Commission, appointed by the Mayor of Lawrence, MA, and the Airport Manager who oversees daily operations of this general aviation facility. The Commission and Airport Manager can be reached at the following address or phone numbers:


492 Sutton Street, 

North Andover, MA 01845


Phone: (978) 794-5880 

Email: info@lawrencemunicipalairport.com  

Lawrence Airport Commission

Ms. Sharon M. Birchall


Mr. Andres Castillo

Vice Chair 

Mr. William P. Collins

Recording Secretary 

Mrs. Dania Amador-Martis


Mr. Ernest R. Coutermarsh


Mr. Jack Fitzpatrick


Mr. Daniel M. Foley


Mr. Robert H. Irving


Mr. William B. Pedrick


Lawrence Airport Staff

Mr. Michael P. Miller

Airport Manager

Mrs. Christine H. McSorley

Principal Accounts Clerk

Mr. Domingo J. Corona

Airport Working Foreman

Mr. Rodney Llewellyn

Airport Maintenance Person



492 Sutton St,

North Andover, MA




(978) 794-5880